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To make a booking for any of the makeup services or for any questions
Phone:  086 3682518
Or email:
If you are getting married and would like a painting of the wedding venue, perhaps the church, castle or hotel grounds, you can also contact Caoimhe at
A painting also makes a lovely wedding present so put a voucher from on your wedding list.
Caoimhe Arrigan : Painter - oil on canvas, watercolour, portraits, landscapes, historical buildings.
Credits and Videos (click on the link to view)
Nio 'Do you think you're special'
Caoimhe Arrigan
Makeup Artist For TV & Film
Based in the midlands - Westmeath - Tipperary 
 Phone: 086 368 2518
All theatrical, tv and film work took place in London and Ireland from 2002 – 2014 
C4:                             ‘Britain’s sexual Fantasies’                    Make up
BBC:                         ‘Crimewatch’                                          Makeup
BBC Worldwide:    ‘Corporate Video’                     Assisting Hair and Makeup
BBC:                         ‘Blue Peter’                                    Daily  Makeup
C4:                             ‘Banzai’                                    Assisting  Makeup
Asian InternationalTehzeeb’                                          Daily  Makeup
Underground Films 'An Rinceoir'                                  Hair and Makeup
RTE, Mind the Gap Films  'The Only Viking in the Village'            Assisting
RTE:  ‘The Perfect Irish Man’                         Makeup for Dr. Eddie Murphy
RTE: 'The Savage Eye' Series 3                                                           Assisting 
Savage Production LTD     'You're Ugly Too'                      
                    Director - Mark Greene                                        Daily Makeup & Hair
C4, Newmarket Films:      ‘Death of a President’        
                Director – Gabriel Range                                      Daily Makeup
BBC, Wall to Wall Television: ‘The Day Britain Stopped’
                Director – Gabriel Range                                 Makeup Designer
Electric Light Film Co.:  ‘Deadwood’             
                Director – Simon Ubsdell                                      Daily Makeup
Columbia Pictures:       ‘Stella Street’                
               Director – Peter Richardson                                     Daily Makeup
        ‘Diwali Festival’ - Royal Albert Hall, London
         ‘Hamlet’ - Questors Theatre, London
         ‘Time and the Conways’ - Questors Theatre, London
         ‘Tom and Clem’ - Tower Theatre, Islington, London
         ‘Copa Cabana’ - Questors Theatre, London
         ‘Hedda Gabler’ - Questors Theatre, London
        Dublin Opera Festival’ - Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
Short Films:
          Siar a Rachas Muid Productions: 'The Tent'                 Hair and Makeup
          Director - Liam O'Mochain
          Siar a Rachas Muid Productions: 'Covet'                      Hair and Makeup
          Director - Liam O'Mochain
          Siar a Rachas Muid Productions: 'Grand Opening'      Hair and Makeup
          Director - Liam O'Mochain
          Rosewood Productions Inc.:  ‘London Follies’          Hair and Makeup
          Director – Deborah Sinico
          Rosewood Productions Inc.: ‘NastyHabits’              Hair and Makeup  
          Director – Deborah Sinico
          Bill and Ben Productions:      ‘Salt Scrubbers’           Hair and Makeup
          Director – Deola Folarin
          5th Floor Films:                 ‘Crunch Time’               Hair and Makeup
          Director – Campbell Graham
          Love Your Productions LTD ‘Love Your Neighbour’              Makeup
          Director – James Bloom
          Cheek to Cheek Productions: ‘Judas at Midnight'     Assistant Makeup  
          Director – Seamus Rea
Pop Video:
        Academy Films - Nio 'Who do you think you are'                                                                             Directors - Si and Ad
          Pinhead Productions - Stuart Glover 'I'll be there for you'                                                                     Director – Despina Castelli
          Lost Property productions - Vampire themed music video                                                                         Director – Dan Sheldon
Boyle Sports(Bingo)  Piranha Bar    Director – Richard Chaney
PR campaign for Tan Organic - assisting Emma Farrell
Extreme Rhythm/Aviva Stadium – Rugby Union: Celtic designs on arms and faces of drummers for opening ceremony.
LoveCats – Burlesque show,The Button Factory,TempleBar – Bodypainted Corset on model
Naked canvas,Bray Summer festival – Assisted bodypainter for exhibition
Parties/Festivals/Charity Groups :
Bodypainting, makeovers for burlesque shows, themed parties and carnivals, including  Notting Hill Carnival and Naked Canvas. also face-painting for children’s parties and charities and makeovers in Photography Studios
Wedding Makeup:
Many years experience as professional free-lance wedding makeup artist in West London areas of Richmond, Twickenham and Ealing
I’m currently working as a freelance wedding makeup artist in Ireland based around Tipperary and Westmeath.

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